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I'm 40 years old and had never been on a motorcycle before. By lunch on the first day, I was weaving through cones. By the end of the first day, other people in the class were asking "Are you sure you've never been on a motorcycle before?" Now I have my certificate and the confidence necessary to continue building skills. Roger is a very patient and no-nonsense instructor with many years of experience both professionally and personally. Thanks!

Dan Wright
Gulfport, MS>

I rode bikes for many years, or I should say I rode bikes WRONG for many years. It is no doubt a miracle I never hurt myself doing so many things wrong. Absolutely the smartest thing I've ever done was taking this coarse! I paid my at ever I want. I can't imagine how there could be a better instructor than Roger! Do it for your love ones, if not for yourself.

Gulfport, MS

I have been riding all my life!!!this course taught me more in one weekend then all my time riding!!

Birmingham, AL

It's Sunday and I just successfully completed the beginner course. I had a big smile on my face all the way home just knowing I was going to purchase my first motorcycle soon and had the basic skills needed to start riding. Roger was an AWESOME teacher. He doesn't sugarcoat anything and he will be honest with you when you're messing up. At the same time he was patient and a great instructor. That helped me to improve my skill. Roger when you talked me into riding the cruiser finally I had a blast. I still have my heart set on a sport bike but I can tell you if I ever buy a second bike there's a good chance it would be a cruiser!

David Triola
Gulfport, MS

The class was very well taught. And the instructor was patient and professional. He made sure each student was able to demonstrate proficiently before continuing to the next lesson.

Craig Scott
Gulfport, MS

I learned a lot and had a blast! The teachers are fantastic. They know their stuff and have tons of patience. The class was well worth every penny. Every new rider should take advantage of this resource!

Debbie Borganelli
Gulfport, MS

Had a great time learning the basics from this class. Our instructors were awesome and our group did a great job of executing everything they taught us. I finally made it out on the road this week riding with my husband and am confident in my riding abilities using the basic instructions that I received and building on them to ensure safety as I ride. A big thanks to Mike, Freddy, and Brian. I definitely recommend this class. It is very very beneficial for safety!

Valyn Behan
Pelham, AL

I took the class because I wanted to learn how to properly ride a motorcycle. The first thing I have to say is amazing. This class was first class all the way. I learned a lot about safety and how to respect a motorcycle, no matter how long you have been riding one. The instructor was on me a lot, when I wasn't doing an obstacle the correct way, but it helped me to get better. When I finished the class on Sunday I felt better about getting on a motorcycle than I did before I took the class. I would recommend anyone who owns a motorcycle, to take this class because no one knows 100% everything, when it comes to motorcycle safety.

Mark Terry
Gulfport, MS


Roger was a knowledgeable and experienced instructor as well as patient enough to teach an absolute beginner. Take this class if you want to be a safer rider, or haven't learned before. It's worth the money!

Stephanie Lopez
Gulfport, MS


I have not be on a bike for 35 years. At 56 I though I could jump on one and hit the road. I purchased a new Road King on 5/31/14. Promised my wife I would not ride until I took the riding course. Signed up and talked her into taking the course with me as well.She has never been on a bike as a passenger or driver. I was amazed at how much I did not know. Thanks to Freddie, Mike and Brian. Three of the most patient guys I know with both my wife and myself. I was afraid that at my age they would think I should know what I was doing. They made you feel like you were a part of the family and they wanted to keep the entire family safe. This is a must take class for everyone because this is a family you are joining and family looks out for each other. I will take this course again. Also thanks to Heart of Dixie for allowing us to use the parking lot.

Mickey Stevens
Pelham, MS


Used to ride 30 years ago and thought I could get on a bike and ride off into the sunset. Wrong!!!!! Great course, great instructors. Take the course and you will know it is worth every penny. MS takes cert in lieu of driving test. Take the course, get your endorsement, and be able to test drive a bike before you buy it.

Thomas Averett
Gulfport, MS

"You may have plenty people telling you that you don't need a class! Ride rural country roads and it will come to you... Don't listen at that BS for one minute...Take this course! Period"

Stacy H.
Pelham, AL


"Roger was awesome. Patient and honest. I learned so much as a first time rider. Practice, practice, practice. I love the fact that I can go back and attend future classes to work on the skills that I was taught this weekend. If you own a motorcycle you need to attend this class. It will teach you so much and possibly save your life."

Merilee Mortenson
Gulfport, MS


"I thought I was a "good (enough) rider" but realized Saturday morning how much of my "edge" I had lost. This course taught me to NEVER take for granted ANYTHING with regards to riding a motorcycle. The skills I learned in two days will be a valuable building block that will (hopefully) keep me safe on the road. I would recommend this course to ANYONE. PLEASE let us know when the Intermediate Course will be available in GPT, even if I do have my State endorsement, I want to take the course."

Jeff Mortenson
Gulfport, MS


"My wife and I took the beginners course on Nov 9th & 10th, 2013. Mike and James were absolutely great instructors. We had purchased cruisers prior to taking the course and had no clue about riding and being safe. Mike and James were tough birds, but they made sure we had all of the safety information to ride well. Mike my wife got it. She is riding the wheels off her bike!!"

Walter & Chris Hill
Pelham, AL


"All 3 instructors were "perfect". only "perfect practice makes it perfect". But beforehand lessons must come from a veteran Rider. I totally recommend this course to anybody that wants to ride. Its a must and you won't regret it,, guaranteed."

Ben Shahmohammadi
Gulfport, MS


"I only can recommend this course I attended on the 26- and 27-Oct in Pelham to anyone interested in “save” riding a bike. Mike, our instructor did a great job in teaching us in the two days the basics how to ride a bike in a safe and controlled way. The course helped me to improve my confidence in riding and increased my respect and responsibility for motorcycles. This course is a very well invested money. Dieter Sigmund Tuscaloosa"

Dieter Sigmund
Pelham, AL


"I won a Harley fatboy in a raffle. I was likely the last person anyone ever thought would ride a motorcyle. Before immediately selling the motorcycle, I took this course. For the first hour or so I was wondering why I woke up so early to ride a bike. But before lunch on the first day, I was hooked. The course is all about riding instructions, rather than class instructions. It was exactly what I needed and by then end of the first day I was comfortable on the bike. It is all about safety. In addition to handling a motorcycle, we worked on emergency situations and avoiding accidents. I HIGHLY recommend this course for anyone interested in riding a motorcycle. It has been about a month since taking the course and I am riding my Harley around the neighborhood and also, to work. The instructors were paitent with all of us and worked with all! of the riders no matter the skill level. My plans of selling the bike are starting to fade . . ."

Greg Ritchey
Pelham, AL


"very informative...professional instructor..gave me a better understanding of motorcycle riding..enjoyed the course and will go back for advanced classes..."

Richard Ernst
Gulfport, MS


"I would recommend this training for anyone that is considering purchasing a bike or that currently owns a bike. The wealth of knowledge and training that Roger shared with each student to assure that each of us complete the training well informed of the importance of knowing your bike and the safety issues that you will face as a bike owner as you ride was unbelievable. Roger is a great Instructor and went the extra mile with each student to assure that we understood each task at hand. The cost of the training was money well spent."

Lisa Schonewitz
Gulfport, MS


"Up until I took this class I had always wanted to learn how to ride a motorcycle, I was very nervous until I met Freddie and Mike my instructors. These men are awesome and they made learning to ride a wonderful experience. They took time with me and helped me to correct my mistakes and helped me to build my self confidence in myself and most of all showed me that i was important and that I could do it. I want to say Thanks to Ride Motor School and especially to my #1 instructors Freddie and Mike."

Shenece Lewis
Pelham, AL


"I highly recommend taking this class. Roger is very patient and makes sure you know and are comfortable before going on to the next lesson. The class was well worth the cost. I was also able to use the certificate from the class for my driving test for my motorcycle endorsement."

K.L. Crider
Gulfport, MS


"Roger was awesome. For someone who has never ridden, this school is a must. It was well worth and I would go back again."

Brandon Miles
Gulfport, MS


"After 50 years of riding I can honestly say that if you've never taken a training course like this; you should. If you don't think you need a course like this; you probably shouldn't be riding. I learned things I never even heard of before. My thanks to Roger and Mike for their patience and perseverance."

Rick R.
Gulfport, MS


"Unbelievable. I learned so much. This course is the best thing i could've done before getting a bike. Thank you Roger for all of your help and knowledge that you passed on. I highly recommend this course. KUDOS to the staff who designed this course! 6/8-6/9/2013"

Paula Dillard
Gulfport, MS


"All my girlfriends took this class last Fall and are now riding to places like Chattanooga and Panama City Beach. Of course I decided I didn't want to be a passenger and start riding my own bike just like the girls. I took the class about two weeks ago and loved it. Freddie and Mike were so very patient. Freddie wasn't going to let me get behind and worked with me one on one so I could pass in one certain area of the class. By Sunday afternoon.. I was as good as anybody else. And received my certificate. You have to listen and do exactly as they say.. TURN THAT HEAD!! I'll soon be practicing on my bike. Thanks guys!!"

Pelham, AL


"I was skeptical about how much I could learn in 2 days, but the class blew me away. I started with zero experience and I'm already comfortable riding around town. The instructors are straightforward, but very involved. I got the sense that they actually cared about our progress. One of the best features of the class was after they explained HOW and also WHY we used certain techniques."

Jason Waltemath
Gulfport, MS


"Finished the beginner's class this weekend. James and Mike managed the time extremely well and made this class interesting, fun, and challenging. I feel very confident in properly controlling a motorcycle thanks to these guys. As they say, "Practice makes perfect" BUT the reality is "Perfect practice makes perfect". Now go learn how to make perfect practice at this well informed 2 day class."

John Cordova
Pelham, AL


"Thank You Roger and thank you Mike. I am a 63 yr. old Grandmother who has not rode since she was 40 and then before then as a little girl on the back of my dad's Harley. The first day I drove to class about 1hr.45min. away, I was thinking how i wanted to do this so much, but I was also nervous about the class. By the time I drove back Sunday, I knew how happy I was that I took this class. Roger and Mike were great. It is a hard and intense class. I loved the "breaking part" the most, although I was one of the last ones to get it right. My dad would be so happy I took this class before I got on a bike. It does not matter how "Old" you are--do this if you want to ride. Don't think you can just learn on a "video" and ride. PLEASE take this or some Defensive course for Motorcycle Safety. I am humbled through this experience and even though I got by on the "seat of my pants", I am thankful I took it. THANK YOU AGAIN ROGER AND MIKE. "YOU BOTH were the BEST in guidance and patience. Sincerely, Stephanie Lee-Hughes"

Stephanie Hughes
Gulfport, MS


"I am so glad I decided to take this course. I thought I knew a lot about motorcycles, I didn't! I learned so much valuable information. The instructor, Roger Gibson, was knowledgeable, patient, and made the course interesting. I thought it may be boring but it was fun as well as educational. Thank you, John Gardner"

John Gardner
Gulfport, MS


"My husband and son “gave” me this course as a birthday present. I had Roger and Mike as my instructors. These guys are extremely knowledgeable and highly professional, but also have a great sense of humor and an incredible amount of patience. They made the course educational and challenging, but still a lot of fun. I really liked their methods of teaching and enjoyed working with them. I also liked the fact that there was no judgment or criticism among the participants. Although some people had more knowledge and/or experience than me, no one ever made me feel self-conscious, discouraged or out of place. There seemed to be a mutual understanding that we were all there for the same reason - to learn how to ride and be safe – and everyone respected that. I had a blast and am amazed at how much I learned in just 2 days. This is a great course, taught by great people, and is well worth the time and money. I definitely recommend it!"

Charmayne Purvis
Gulfport, MS


"I'm 17 and was a good bit nervous to take the class, but Mike and Brian did exactly what they said they were going to do. Teach me confidence in riding and total control over the bike! Thanks Mike and Brian!"

Jesse Morton
Pelham, AL


"Great experience! Mike, Freddy and Clark are awesome. Very PATIENT and knowledgeable. Recommend anyone interested in riding should take this course. Parents before you purchase a bike for you children, this class should be taken first."

Joyce Carroll
Pelham, AL


"I just finished the class this past weekend and am so glad I made the decision. I recommend this class highly for anyone wanting to learn, build confidence or enhance their skills. Well worth the money and the time. Thank you Roger for you patience, passion and sharing your knowledge."

Patricia Benge
Gulfport, MS


"I have never ridden a motorcycle before and wanted to learn how to ride. Our instructor Roger provided ongoing constructive feedback and corrections throughout the course. Safety is very important to me and this course foundation is to teach us to be a safe rider. A must class for new riders or to teach experienced riders to be better motorcycle riders."

M. Guevara
Gulfport, MS


"My son and I just finished the two-day beginner’s course and we not only learned a lot, but also had a good time doing so. The instructors are top-notch; they communicated the content and expectations clearly and provided excellent examples and demonstrations. As a father, I know my son now has a solid foundation and appreciation for motorcycle safety. While neither of us had any experience riding, there were participants that did come to the course with various levels of riding experience, and each of them commented on how eye-opening this course was, and that it deepened their respect for riding safely, defensively, and under control. I highly recommend this company and course."

David Singleton
Gulfport, MS


"It had been many years since I had been on a bike. I was really impressed with how much you can learn in 2 full days of class. Clark and Mike were very Knowledgeable and great teachers. I recommend this class to anyone who is going to be operating a motorcycle. I am very glad I had the opportunity to attend the class."

Mike Yates
Pelham, AL


"Clark Raymond and Mike Hearn did a fabulous job with this class. I can't even believe how much patience they had with us and how far they brought is in just two short days. AND we had a lot of fun. I feel confident I am safely back on the "road" to riding a motorcycle after a nearly 30 year hiatus. Thanks, Clark & Mike...I am thrilled with my results!!"

Cheryl Taylor
Pelham, AL


"I will be getting my own bike this week (and first bike I might add) so I took (and passed!) the beginner's course over the weekend. The class was SO very informative and I learned so much. Also, The instructors were awesome - so knowledgeable (and patient!). By the time class ended on Sunday my confidence and comfort level on a bike was 100% more than before the class. I can't wait to try out the skills I learned. I highly recommend the R.I.D.E. courses, whether you just need a refresher or you are a beginner."

Nancy Harbison
Pelham, AL


"It finally happened. I was doing close to 30mph when a white pickup pulled out of a gas station to cross my lane. I did exactly what the RIDE instructors taught me. Clutch, front brake, rear brake, down shifting. The driver saw me and hit the brakes as I pulled up to a safe controlled stop 6' from the side of his truck. I found the gray zone and got out of danger. Just like you guys taught me. Thank you."

Micah Tinkle
Gulfport, MS


"if you are interested in learning the proper way to ride a motorcycle this class is in my mind absolutely the best you will find.i was apprehensive about it but am so glad i went through it. the instructors are sincere about helping you learn.they give you invaluable training that beginning riders must have and experienced riders should have.i want to especially thank roger for his patience and extra effort in making sure i understood all he was teaching us.if you buy a bike take this class"

Joel Cegielski
Gulfport, MS


"I want to thank Mike, Freddy & Clark for a great 2 day course. I was very impressed with the class. It was a beginners class, but I really feel like it helped me a lot. I really recommend this class to everyone."

Rita William
Pelham, AL


"Brian and Mike are "The Best". I was nervous for a first timer. They were patient and I am not a quitter. Thanks for the lessons in safety and confidence to ride. It was worth it for me. See you on the Road!!"

Christal Whit
Birmingham, AL


"I recommend This class to anyone wishing to ride or enhance their skills.Took this class April 14th and 15th with Mike, Freddie,and Clark and those guys are the best.All my husband could say when I rode my own again was wow !!"

Brittany Warren
Pelham, AL


"Thanks to Mike and James for all the information. I had been riding for a while, but didn't realize many of the basics I didn't know. Now I'm more confident with everyday situations because of my new found knowledge. Well worth the time and money! Looking to take the Intermediate course soon!"

Jason O.
Pelham, AL


"I just completed my beginners class this past weekend. I can't believe how much I learned. I especially appreciated all of the attention the instructor paid to teaching us to ride safely. I know one thing for sure, these guys know their business and make sure you leave knowing it too. Thanks so much."

Susan Menasco
Gulfport, MS


"I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in riding. I am amazed at what I learned in just two days! The instructors are extremely passionate about what they do and they are very supportive and helpful! I can't express how much appreciation I have for this course and my instructor, Roger! The experience as a whole, was unforgettable, challenging and fun!!!!"

J. Merlau
Gulfport, MS


"I just finished my classes with Joe as my instructor. What a wonderful experience. I have learned so much through the eyes of someone so talented in what he does and loves. This is a wonderful course gives you all of the basics to go out and start as a fresh beginner rider. I even look at traffic in my car different because of what i've learned from the ride course. Much more aware of my surroundings at all times. Joe, Thank You for all the patience, peep talk, and for hanging in there with me. You were an inspiration to me. A joy to meet you and to experience the R.I.D.E class."

Illa Mills-Patterson
Gulfport, MS


"This course was more than worth the money! Freddie and Mike are extremely knowledgeable and are very patient and ensure that you get a good understanding of the techniques that are being taught. I can not say enough how beneficial this course is to a beginning rider. Thanks again Guys!!!!

April Williams
Pelham, AL


"Thanks, Tracey and Mike, for teaching an old dog so much in just 2 days. I will back to practice. Nobody should think of riding a bike without taking this course."

J. Gaudel
Pelham, AL



"I had no riding experience prior to taking this class. The class taught me so much that will help me in everyday riding. Mike and Tracey were very nice and made the class easy to follow. They made sure we were going to pick up on every technique they demonstrated. After this class I am more confident and capable of more than I thought. I would highly recommend this class to anyone. THANK YOU SO MUCH Tracey and Mike!"

T. Rogers
Pelham, AL


"I had never ridden a bike until the instructors showed me how to properly mount thing. Is this course worth it? An unequivocal YES."

M. Tinkler
Gulfport, MS


"Just completed the beginner course and I was impressed with the level of expertise and teaching skill of the instructor. I realize that safely riding a motorcycle is a skill few riders I see possess. I was humbled to discover that the skills are not easy to master for the first-time rider or someone who hasn't ridden a bike since college (me). I am thankful that I was able to attend this course and find out in the safety of an instructor-led class that I need to practice and master the basic skills and dexterity needed to be a safe rider. Thank you, R.I.D.E. for your knowledge and excellent instruction. I covet my cap!"

B. Dugger
Gulfport, MS


"This was my 50th birthday present to me and it was worth every penny. I had only ridden on the back of a motorcycle three times in my life but always wanted one of my own. This class really helped me with shifting, leaning and stopping. Much easier than I thought it would be but harder in the learning to stop properly. It has helped me to feel much more secure in an emergency stop. The instructor, Andy Taylor, was great and Jeannie helped keep everything smooth and assisted individual attention when needed. I like that once you've graduated if you ever want to take it again it's free if they have a bike available. I will be taking day 2 again just to feel more confident now that I have my own bike. I took the class with my sister-in-law and we had a blast. Now I have a good friend that is going to take it too. It's a great thing for a group of ladies to do. Even if you never wanted to ride, it helps you be more aware of motorcyclists and it definitely beats shopping. Save money and save lives while having a great time."

S. Hill-Lorenz
Gulfport, MS



"This course was more than worth the money! The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and are very patient and ensure that you get a good understanding of the techniques that are being taught. I can not say enough how beneficial this course is to a beginning rider. I now have the confidence to ride my new bike and using the techniques learned I can better enjoy my riding time."

C. Flowers
Gulfport, MS


"Call it a wild hair or a mid-life crisis but when I sat on my brother's motorcycle, I wanted to ride my own. The backseat just wasn't much fun anymore. I would not even consider trying without taking a new riders course and the R.I.D.E. class was perfect. I learned so much and I'm trying to put it all to good use especially since I have my brand new Harley! The guys who taught the class were great. Thanks so much."

A. Price
Pelham, AL


"WOW! I didn't even know how to get on a bike properly until I took this class! All I knew was I wanted ro ride a motorcycle. I had bought a Ninja 650R and it was just sitting there because all I knew how to do was look at it. Not only did R.I.D.E. teach me how to ride a bike, these great people taught me the fundamentals of surviving on one. The knowledge I received from this school I am certain will save my life one day if I apply it to every time I ride my motorcycle. May God be with anyone who thinks he can teach himself how to ride a motorcycle. Put your ego aside and TAKE THIS CLASS!!! It just might help keep your name out of the obituaries."

J. McCullough
Gulfport, MS


"I can't say enough good things about Mike or the course. I took the class to see if I am interested in riding and purchasing a motorcyce ( I have ridden on the back of my husband's bike for years). I learned so much about safety, proper handling and proper procedures for operating a motorcycle. I appreciate the hands on learning, the individual attention, and the class layout. I highly recommend this class to anyone regardless of their level of experience in riding. I could not imagine a beginner getting on a motorcycle without taking this course! Mike was very patient, very professional and very knowledgeable. Thanks."

C. Crockett
Pike Road, AL


"A friend recommended the class. I hadn't ridden in about 15 years. I atteneded the class and got a lot of very useful and life-saving info. I came from Tuskegeee, AL, to attend class and feel it was well worth the trip. Thanks R.I.D.E."

T. Mitchell
Pelham, AL


"I took the class about 2 months ago and really just got past the 'practicing stage' recently. After getting out on the road recently, I am SO GRATEFUL for having taken this class. I learned so much! Thanks for everything (all your patience and understanding)."

C. Heichelbech
Birmingham, AL


"Todd and Ron were the very best, patient and knowledgeable. Everyone left feeling that we had the best training and a good time learning how to be a safe motorcycle operator. I left feeling I could ride safely on the highway or back roads and know that I have the skills to handle any situation. I look forward to taking the more advanced courses as well."

J. Johnson
Gulfport, MS


"I am a 35 year old mother of three. I had no experience on a motorcycle other than riding up and down my street. I thought when I started the class that I would never be able to do what the instructors were asking of me. Well, I did what they asked and listened (they were both very patient) and I passed the class. I just got back from Thunder Beach in Panama City and there is NO way I could have done this without this class and what I was taught. These guys really know what they are doing. I can't begin to tell you how valuable this class is. It is worth every penny! Thanks guys!"

L. Jordan
Gulfport, MS


"Excellent course and very patient instructors. Would recommend this class for new and experienced riders. Thanks."

R. Brethauer
Pelham, AL


"I'm a retired police officer and public safety administrator who has ridden motorcycles for 40 years. R.I.D.E. definitely helped me improve my safety and hone my riding skills. By far, the best motorcycle course I've ever taken."

B. White
Gulfport, MS


"These guys are awesome!!! I had no clue how to ride a motorcycle and they taught me everything I needed to know in just 2 days!!! They have tons of advice and experience and truly are there to help you!!! I highly recommend this class for anyone who is about to begin riding a motorcycle, and even those who are experienced motorcyclists. You can learn more then you possibly could imagine from these outstanding people!!! Thank you for everything!!!

C. Jacobsen
Gulfport, MS


"I took the course with Mike on April 10. I know the braking practice we learned saved me and my bike the next week."

G. Boyd
Tuscaloosa, AL


"I took the class this weekend and I cannot say enough good things about the class and the instructors. Mike, Clark and even Tracy (lol) were great! I did not know anything about riding when I started. I left Saturday after a very intense class and felt like crying but by Sunday 'something clicked' as the instructors said it would and I was doing everything required. I loved the class!! I can't say enough good things about the class and the instuctors."

C. Chaney
Pelham, AL

"Behind every great rider is a great instructor, and enrolling in the R.I.D.E. program will get you started to being a good rider. These instructors prepare you for the hazards that can occur on the roadway. My husband is an experienced rider and I had only been a rider, never driven. We both attended the class in Pelham and I want to say THANK YOU to the instructors Brian, Tracy and learned invaluable information. I highly recommend this motorcycle course."

S. Thornton
Pelham, AL


"A sincere 'THANK YOU' to R.I.D.E. Motor School and your staff. I attended a well-known beginner course in another state. The course was 1 night of class room and 2 days of riding. During that time, I never felt like I was getting it. I was never told anything I was doing wrong. Believe me there was plenty!!!! I immediately got home thinking I had learned the proper way to ride but never felt good about what I was taught. I immediately dropped my bike not once but three times. I quit riding all together. Everyday I would walk into my garage and see a brand new bike. One day I made up my mind to take another class and try again. Well, I found R.I.D.E. Roger and John were my instructors. They were just terrific. They told me what I was doing wrong. They showed me how to place my hands, etc. They are true INSTRUCTORS!!! There were not there just to earn a paycheck. I learned the proper way to brake and mount a bike!!! I truly send them my heart felt thanks. This weekend was going to be my last attempt to learn. If it did not come together this time, I was never going to get back on another bike, ever! Because of this class and my instructors, Roger & John, I know I can do this with a lot practice. Next I plan on attending intermediate class and so on. My education will continue only with R.I.D.E. Motor School and it's instructors!!! Once again, thank you!!!"

K. LeVelle
Gulfport, MS


"Had basically no riding experience before taking the class. Mike does a great job in explaining the reasons behind things and kept everybody moving forward. Great class for anyone who wants to ride."

Pelham, AL


"I learned so much. I have so much more confidence. I highly recommend this course. The slow speed maneuvers were so well taught. Mike Hearn is an excellent teacher."

D. Brooks
Pelham, AL


"The instructors are awesome and have the perfect demeanor to teach such a valuable course. I learned so much and will apply what I learned everytime I go on a ride!"

D. Keith
Pelham, AL


"'Learn to ride a motorcycle in 2 days'...I never would have believed it if I had not done it myself. Joe was an excellent instructor. He gave me the confidence and the knowledge to be a safer rider. I can not express in words what this course has done for me. If you would have asked me 5 years ago if I would ever ride a bike, I would have said no; but thanks to the hands on approach of this course, I am riding. Thanks to Joe and his staff. Keep up the great work."

W. Coleman
Gulfport, MS



"I just recently took this class and have become a lot more comfortable with riding a motorcycle. The instructors really make sure you learn all that you need to before you pass the class. I strongly recommend this class to everyone."

C. Thompson
Gulfport, MS


"My mom said that it would make her feel better that I take this course because I am young.  I REALLY LEARNED A LOT.  I just want to thank all the instructors.  They were patient and GREAT TEACHERS.  They took their time and you can really tell THE INSTRUCTORS CARE.  I don't care how long you have been riding, even the beginner class will teach you something.  IT'S A GREAT COURSE AND EVERY RIDER SHOULD GO.  It's well spent money and YOU CAN LEARN SOMETHING TO SAVE YOUR LIFE."

J. Thompson
Pelham, AL


"After being on the back seat for the last several years, I decided it was time to move up to the driver's seat.  I expected to be sitting in a class half the day learning, but not this class!  I cannot say 'thank you' enough to Mark, Mike, and Clark.  They gave me the confidence, skills and knowledge to be able to get back on a bike.  I now have 1,600 miles in the driver's seat and it feels wonderful.  I know without this class I would still be riding on the back seat.  Seeing Mike go through the cones on his bike has inspired me even more to become the best rider I can.  The ability to come back and ride again with them is wonderful.  I have already taken them up on that and will again in the future.  You gave me my wings....THANK YOU!!"

G. Callahan
Pelham, AL


"An excellent course with superlative instructors - Both Todd and John were very knowledgeable, informative and patient. They conveyed their knowledge through explanation, demonstration, and coaching of students very effectively. They were excellent instructors. The subject matter conveyed was immediately relevent and applicable - the beginner's course here conveys essential safety information and instills appropriate measures of confidence and caution. In short, it is a course that is relevant, appropriate for the beginner, and immediately applicable. Joe, Todd and John - Thanks for all the effort on my behalf!!  Best Regards."

Pascagoula, MS


"I have been riding my own motorcycle for several years and have never had a motorcycle safety training class.  I took the class and learned about some bad habits that I had.  I learned about emergency stopping and how to avoid an object in the road the correct way.  I recommend anyone, no matter how long you have been riding, to take this class.  It is true, you can teach an old dog new tricks.  I took this class with 6 other ladies, whom have never been on a motorcycle.  By the end of the class, they did not want to get off their bikes.  So those of you who cannot ride now, take the class and learn how.  Money well spent."

S. Simmers
Pelham, AL


"THANK YOU!!!!  THANK YOU!!!!  THANK YOU!!!!  Mark, Mike, and clark.  I took the class and now I can confidently climb on my Sportster 1200.  The Monday after my weekend class, my husband and I went for a ride and when we got home all he could say was 'WOW!'  Thank you again."

Pelham, AL


"I just completed the R.I.D.E. class in Gulfport, MS.  This was the most amazing experience!  I highly recommend this class to anyone regardless of experience in riding a motorcycle.  I went in not knowing how to start the bike and within an hour I was riding around the track!  The instructors are very knowledgeable and it is obvious that they love what they do and love to teach.  Thanks R.I.D.E. for this experience, I will be back for the higher level classes!"

B. Fero
Gulfport, MS


"The R.I.D.E. class was the best class that I could've possibly ever taken as a new rider over a year ago.  Even though I already had my dad teach me the basics of how to drive a motorcycle there wasn't any way that he could've ever taught me everything I needed to know safety-wise, etc., like the R.I.D.E. school did.  I got over my nervous fear of being new on a bike because of the class and I learned more in those 2 days than I could've possibly imagined.  The instructors are so patient and helpful and take their time with each person in any way they needed it if they are stuggling in a certain area.  I recommend the class as much as I have the opportunnity to when I come across new riders or talk to someone who is interested in getting a bike.  Thank you so much for everything!!"

Elizabeth Garriga
Gulfport, MS


"Brian was by far a great instructor.  He is patient but will also let you know if he doesn't think you need to pursue motorcycling.  I took the course in spring of 2008 and bought a Harley Sportster not long after.  This course is a confidence builder which is what you need when riding."

Pelham, AL 


"A must for anyone considering riding!  The instructors are super and make it comfortable to learn at your own pace.  I've taken another class and R.I.D.E. is far superior."

Saucier, MS


"All I have to say is that only the best teachers make the best students.  A rare learning experience (riding made easy!)  Looking to learn????...this is your best bet."

Gulfport, MS


"Three years ago I took a well-known competing motorcycle skills class, then promptly went out and bought a 750 and totalled it."

"This year I took the beginner class with Mike and Brian, and learned SO much more than the other class taught.  They taught the theory along with their 100% hands-on class.  After it was over, I asked three of my motorcycle riding friends to explain counter-steering to me, and not one had any idea what it was.  I cannot recommend these classes highly enough.  They were worth every penny.  I have a 2009 Honda Rebel and I ride it all over the place, taking care to practice my slow-speed maneuvers in a nearby parking lot before I hit the road."

Birmingham, AL


"Normally I would say 'hats off', but in this case 'helmets on', to the great instruction and motorcycle safety tips taught at the R.I.D.E. beginners' level course.  I had not ridden in close to 30 years, but Todd and Roger gave me back my confidence and through their teachings, showed me that I had learned to ride incorrectly the first time.  They reminded me that motorcycles can be great fun if the rider learns to ride safely and correctly.  I would highly recommend the R.I.D.E. beginners course to true beginners and those that are beginning again.  I think the term 'ease and squeeze' is permanently embedded into my brain.  I plan to take the intermediate course after I get some 'ride time' in and practice the tips I learned in the beginners' course."

Gautier, MS


"The beginner course is not a give!  The curriculum taught by the knowledgeable, professional staff advocate useable roadway skills that promote rider safety to civilian riders.  Invest in yourself.  Training builds a better rider...practicing trained skills emulates a defensive operator.  I can not thank Joe, Roger and Todd enough for their endless dedication and profession of rider safety.  I am looking forward to future R.I.D.E. Motor School experiences."

Gulfport, MS


"I just took the beginner class this past weekend and I came away with the confidence and the knowledge I needed to begin my journey on my new motorcycle.  Always being the passenger and now needing the knowledge of how to begin to ride, this was the perfect class.  Brian and Mike are truly outstanding instructors, the knowledge that they showed and shared with us will truly improve my riding skills now and in the future.  I truly cannot thank them enough for giving me the confidence I needed to begin riding.  I recommmend this class highly, it is well worth every penny."

Pelham, AL


"I attended the June 28-29, 2008, beginner class and was amazed at the details taught that people would never think of.  I, as a beginner, gained a lot of great experience in just 2 days!  It was fun and I really appreciated the friendliness, diligence, and honesty of the staff.

On October 13th, my husband and I were riding our motorcycles to Live Oak, Florida, when we stopped in Crestview.  Florida doesn't have a helmet law but I wore mine anyway.  I had a motorcycle accident and hit the road on my right knee, hip, shoulder, and right side of my helmet.  If I hadn't been wearing my helmet, I could have had a severe head injury as there is a deep scuff mark in my helmet.  R.I.D.E. class taught us to never take chances.  Thanks so much to Roger, Brian and Todd!"

Gulfport, MS


"Thank you!  The information and training were top notch.  Many thanks to Mark and Mike, they made the class worth the effort.  I hope to take the intermediate class later on down the road."

Birmingham, AL


"I want to thank everyone at R.I.D.E. for the work they do in making folks better riders.  It had almost been 20 years since I was on a bike and the training I got from Todd and Andy helped me get ready more than anything I could think of could.  I told Todd and Andy at the end of the course that I especially wanted to thank them because I wanted to ride in my father's memory, who was an avid rider and I had just recently lost.  Again, my thanks to all of you who want to help make us safer riders."

Gulfport, MS


"Thanks for the service that you provide to your class atendees in the basic course.  Although I have been riding for over 4 years, I found out that I was making some common mistakes that can seriously affect my riding safety.  I kept an open mind and the information was well presented, the content was first rate and it all made a lot of sense to me by the time the course was completed.  Although it took us several times to schedule due to the approaching hurricanes, I would'nt take anything for the training that I received.

My hat is off to all that are involved with the R.I.D.E. Motor School because of the excellent job that they did to improve my riding safety and bring to light some common pitfalls that can interfere with safe motorcycle operation.  There is no substitute for the 'hands on' experience with the manuevers and measurement of each of each riders' performance to expose rider weaknesses.

You folks do it right!  Keep up the good work.  Thanks to Todd, Andy, Brian and Jeannie who give up weekend after weekend to improve rider safety for their customers."

P.S.  I hope to spend more time with you soon in another class.  :)

Ride safely,
Laurel, MS


"I just completed the beginner class in Birmingham.  Brian and Mike were excellent instructors.  I gained confidence and skills I desperately needed."

Birmingham, AL 


"Outstanding course.  The 2 days of riding prepare you to get on the highway.  The instructors are awesome."

Gulfport, MS


"I cannot say enough wonderful things about this school!  The staff was professional and caring and REALLY patient.  Top notch crew that really knows their stuff.  Thanks to all...I am a first time bike person and they taught me how to act and react in many situations that I might encounter on the highway.  This class is invaluable to the first timer!" 

Waveland, MS 


"This is a great class.  Anyone who has a bike will benefit from this class.  The instructors Brian and Mike are well versed in instructing the class.  Thanks Brian and Mike for a job well done."

Birmingham, AL


"Thanks to our instructors, Brian and Mike, who made the class educational and enjoyable.  I don't have much experience and haven't been on a bike in over 20 years but after completing the class I feel I have a much better understanding on how to get started riding again.  Also I would say the class structure was excellent for developing the basic skills to give a rider more confidence in handling their bike.  Thanks."

Pelham, AL



"I do want to thank the instructors and staff of R.I.D.E. on my recent beginners class.  Joe and the rest of the crew made learning fun and informative.  With the knowledge I've gained, I now feel confident that I can join the ranks of motorcycle enthusiast on the road.  I now can't wait until I apply what I've learned to my own experiences.  It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or an experienced rider, the instructors seem to bring a new level of knowledge that could benefit all motorcycle riders.  I would recommend this class for everyone interested in cycling.  Thanks again!!" 

Mandeville, LA


"I thought Roger and Brian were the most patient and thorough instructors of any course I have ever taken.  They were understanding of my fears and nerves yet firm enough that I actually did not want to disappoint them.  The whole experience was well worth the time and money.  Thanks so much."

Bay St. Louis, MS 


"I went into the class having never even started a motorcycle.  After 2 days, they had me feeling very comfortable riding.  Great information.  The proper braking techniques alone was worth the class."

Gulfport, MS


"Last fall I knew I wasn't doing well in teaching myself to ride my motorcycle.  I had looked for a local course to take but I didn't initially find one.  Then I fortunately "found" this course and took it.  I was right!  I wasn't doing a good job teaching myself.  This professional staff has a passion for motorcycle safety and teaching new riders how to BE SAFE.  I promise anyone who takes this course that you WILL GET YOUR MONEY'S WORTH.  Thanks, R.I.D.E."

Ocean Springs, MS


"I've taken the beginner and intermediate classes and plan to take the advanced class soon.  I HIGHLY recommend R.I.D.E. Motor School to anyone who rides a motorcycle - whether they're a beginner or someone who has ridden for several years.  Nothing is more important than safety, and that is what R.I.D.E. is all about.  The jokes are worth the cost :)"

Pass Christian, MS


"I want to personally thank Brian Nelson for giving me the skills and the courage to get back on and ride so I will never have to be on the back...woohoo!  Thanks again to R.I.D.E. and Brian Nelson."

Birmingham, AL 


"I had not been on a motorcycle in 30 years.  This is a great course to take.  I will feel safer on the road now.  Our instuctor, Brian Nelson, was very patient with all of us.  Thanks R.I.D.E. Motor School!"

Birmingham, AL


"I absolutely enjoyed myself learning to ride a motorcycle safely.  Roger and Brian were excellent instructors, very encouraging and ensured we learned to ride correctly.  Our class was full of inexperienced riders, many never having even started a motorcycle, including me.  We were not experts when we left, however, we received more than our money's worth in motorcycle education.  I would recommend this class to anyone including experienced riders.  It is never too late to learn or learn correctly.  Thanks, guys, you're AWESOME!"

Long Beach, MS


"Just finished the beginner course today and I have been online ever since looking at bikes!  The instructors did a great job of making a novice feel confident enough to ride.  Thanks guys."

Gulfport, MS


"Brian, thank you so much for your quality instruction and easy-going nature.  Not only was the course valuable in bringing back skills I had lost, but in starting to learn what I need for the road.  You were patient but firm, and by using positive correction, I watched as you and your team brought even the most novice rider up to riding slow weave cones with ease.  Amazing.  That and I had an absolute blast.  It was fun!  Seriously taken, but what joy at finding my confidence again on a motorcycle.  I will definitely be back to practice.  Thank you again.  You guys are incredible and informative.  I'll recommend you to EVERYONE."

Birmingham, AL


"I just finished the beginner's course and Todd and Andy were the best at teaching how to ride.  I had always been a passenger but wanted to learn to drive.  These guys eased my fears and were so patient with me and the rest of the class.  I now have no fear about getting out and riding.  I would recommend this course to anyone!  Thanks guys again so much for your patience."

Wiggins, MS


"I am a new rider and I would really like to say thanks to the instructors at R.I.D.E.  I had a really great time and learned ALOT!!!!  I really feel that without the patience and personal guidance of the amazing instructors, I would have never taken away so much from a 2-day class!!!  I could sing praise all day for this well planned and instructed class, but I think everyone, no matter how long you've been riding, should take this class!  Safety and the correct way to do things are always great to learn.  Thanks so much ;)  I am looking forward to showing you guys my new bike!"

Wiggins, MS


"I just completed your IA course this weekend.  I can't tell you enough how much I enjoyed itl  I haven't been on a bike since 1970 that was for a week.  You really got my confidence up.  It really opened my eyes to a lot of things.  Thank you all for your patience.  I will ensure I pass on to everyone I know about your course.  I'll be looking forward to the next level."

Bay St. Louis, MS


"I would like to take the time to thank all of the professionals associated with R.I.D.E. Motor School.  The class gave me the confidence I needed to ride safely.  A day after the class as I was cruising down Dedeaux Rd. in Gulfport, a car in front of me stopped suddenly.  Had I not been taught the proper way to brake safely and efficiently, I would have most likely become one with the car.  Thank you Joe and Todd for an excellent 2 days.  You all truly have a passion for teaching people to ride safely.  It's already made a very real difference in my life."

Gulfport, MS


"Joe, thank you so much for providing this service to the motor cycle community.  I completed the beginner course this past weekend and left with the confidence needed to ride safely.  The instructors, Brian and Todd were all very knowledgeable, friendly, and patient to all of the students in the class.  Todd's excitement really shows when his students perform well.  Thanks again, I would recommend the class to anyone who is interested in riding."

Diamondhead, MS


"Just completed the course today!  Wonderful instruction and I learned so much.  Would recommend to anyone.  Thanks again for putting on the class."

Poplarville, MS


"Had a great time on and off the course with the instructors who really know their stuff.  I listened to EVERYTHING they had to say which, truthfully, is unusual for me unless I'm really interested in the subject or find the speaker VERY knowledgeable.  I have the confidence to practice more on my own and use the techniques I learned at R.I.D.E. to do things as safely as possible."

Gulfport, MS


"What an awesome bunch of folks and experience.  This class is worth every penny!  This class should be included in the requirements for an endorsement.  Great job guys and Jeannie!!!"

Shellie and Johnnie
Biloxi, MS


"The beginner course was exactly what I was looking for and what I needed.  I would recommend this course for any beginner."

Birmingham, AL


"Brian, I really enjoyed the class.  I learned some very valuable techniques.  You are an awesome instructor.  I am very glad that I took your riding course.  It got me on my bike safely.  I also had to take a MIFF course recently to get my license endorsement.  Both classes are awesome.  As I was taking theirs, however, I reflected on how grateful I am that I took yours first.  Thank you so very much."

Pelham, AL


"I thought the class was very informative and helpful.  Brian is a very good teacher and I appreciate everything that he and his staff did.  It was exceptional and well worth the money and time invested."

Birmingham, AL


"For me, this school was just what the doctor ordered.  I now have the knowledge, so I just need to continue to work to refine the skills.  Brian and his entire staff do an excellent job of teaching the correct way to operate a motorcycle and relate it so well to all the students.  Thanks so much guys for taking the time and effort to make this class available to those people out there like myself who wanted to ride again but knew that I didn't have the knowledge or the skills to do it without some training."

Birmingham, AL


"The course was exceptional and I would (have) recommend it to anyone thinking of riding.  We received individual attention and it was great."

Birmingham, AL


"This was the greatest experience of my life.  I've never driven a bike before.  I've always been a passenger but now riding is incredible.  I love it and you learn so much in 2 days.  You would be surprised what you can learn and do in 2 days!!!  It's really amazing and I suggest this to anyone, riders and beginning riders.  It's a great course.  Great instructors."

Gulfport, MS


"This course is an amazing asset to anyone considering buying a motorcycle.  Brian is a very skilled and knowledgeable rider and instructor.  He is very good at teaching the technique and critiquing your riding.  I can't imagine anyone riding without knowing the things that were taught in this course and I am so happy I took it and am ready to start riding.  Thanks for all the hard work and I hope to be back to practice a little more and take the next class as soon as I can."

Birmingham, AL


"I thoroughly enjoyed the IA beginner class.  I learned more motorcycle safety and bike control than I could have every imagined.  Brian Nelson is not only extremely knowledgeable, but also professional and a great instructor.  I feel much more comfortable about motorcycle safety since attending the class.  I am very much appreciative to R.I.D.E.!"

Birmingham, AL


"I went into the class not knowing what to expect, having only "played" around on motorcycles before.  My wife bought the class for me for Father's Day, and I can not be any more satisfied.  Brian and Mike were able to convey their message about safety without any problems.  I feel like I could go out and safely operate a motorcycle in most situations.  I will definitely take the next level class after I purchase a motorcycle.  Thanks, Brian and Mike, for a FANTASTIC experience."

Birmingham, AL


"This class was just what I needed.  I had never been on a motorcycle before in my life and the confidence I now have after just 2 days is amazing.  I know I have a lot of practicing to do but now I'm ready for it.  Thanks."

Pelham, AL


"First off I would like to thank Joe and Brian for the knowledge of riding.  I recently attended a class and really enjoyed it very much.  That was the first time I have ever actually even started a bike and now I just went out and bought my first bike today.  I would recommend this course to anybody and everybody wanting to ride or even those who have been riding.  Joe and Brian were very patient with each rider.  Thanks again."

D'Iberville, MS


"I took the course on June 21-22.  I got my endorsement that following Thursday.  I was going out for a ride on my Goldwing when a car came speeding up and got into my lane to make a left turn as I was making my right turn.  I applied the emergency braking techniques taught in this course.  If it wasn't for this course, things could've been a lot worse than what they were.  Whether you've been riding for a long time or have no experiences, take this course, you'll learn a lot and it could save your life."

Gulfport, MS


"Being a Police Motor Officer myself, I had the opportunity to see the R.I.D.E. program in action and knew it was exactly where I needed to go to have my wife learn to ride the right way.  We traveled from Sarasota, Florida to Gulfport, MS specifically to have her attend R.I.D.E. and were not disappointed.  The quality of instruction, course content and application of information to actual riding is top notch.  I strongly recommend this program to anyone of any riding level especially with its 'come and practice for free' offer that follows.  If I drove 630 miles one way, that would say it all."

Sarasota, FL


"I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to participate in the R.I.D.E. IA course.  What a difference 2 days have made!  I definitely feel more confident in my abilities now than I ever did prior to taking the course.  The hands-on experience is far better than reading about it in a manual.  Brian and Mike were great instructors; very patient, knowledgeable and highly skilled.  Had I not been told that R.I.D.E. even existed, I'd have missed out on a great opportunity.  I would recommend R.I.D.E. to BOTH potential and seasoned motorcycle riders, as well.  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Great serious fun!"

Birmingham, AL


"I came into this class with some riding experience.  Over the 2 days with R.I.D.E., I learned that there were things that I just didn't know.  I know that there are many others out there riding that don't know either.  Riding at slow speeds takes talent and the R.I.D.E. staff can help you achieve that.  I dare you to take the class and see for yourself.  This group really has a passion for riding and it shows.  Thank you to the entire staff.  I can't wait to take the next class."

Gulfport, MS


"I would like to thank Brian Nelson for his unending patience, good humor, and great ability to teach.  If not for him, I would not be riding today.  I asked him to be honest in his evaluation of my abilities, and thanks to his encouragement, I feel like what I learned made me a much safer and more confident rider.  I have recommended R.I.D.E. to several people and will continue to do so.  It is invaluable."

Birmingham, AL


"This is an excellent safety course and I highly recommend it to ALL motorcycle riders.  I had never been on a motorcycle but learned on the Road King and the instructors taught me the skills needed to ride defensively and safely.  I graduated with honors!!!"

Gulfport, MS


"I enjoyed taking the class and the staff was excellent.  It meant a lot to me to see that the instructors were dedicated.  I learned so much from taking this course and with practice I will be able to feel comfortable being a driver instead of always the passenger.  Thanks to all of R.I.D.E.'s staff for your patience and dedication to teach this course."

Vancleave, MS


"Joe, In November 2006, my son, Arthur, and I completed your R.I.D.E. Motor School in Gulfport.  It was a great investment and we have been riding ever since.  Last week we went on our first road trip together.  We flew to Seattle and rented a HD Road King Classic and Heritage Softail Classic.  After 3 days and 800 miles in the saddle, we had covered the coast of Oregon, the Columbus River from Astoria, OR, to Carson, WA, the Gifford Pinchot National Forest in WA, Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Rainer.  With temperatures that never got above the low 60's it was a wonderful break from the Mississippi heat in August and a great bonding experience with my college age son. Thanks to

Students Must Bring

  • D.O.T. approved helmet
  • Boots or shoes that cover the ankles (boots preferred)
  • Full-fingered gloves
  • Shirt with long sleeves or jacket
  • Eye protection (sun glasses, prescription or helmet with face shield)
  • Long pants, preferably denim


R.I.D.E. staff instructors have over 100 years of combined Police Motorcyle riding and have trained over 1,000 police officers nationwide.
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