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R.I.D.E. staff instructors have been police motorcycle operators.

R.I.D.E. staff instructors hold certifications from entities such as Northwestern University Center for Public Safety, The Institute of Police Technology and Management, and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

R.I.D.E. staff instructors have over 100 years of combined police motorcycle riding and have trained over 1,400 police officers and over 1,500 civilians nationwide.

Law enforcement has long recognized that police motorcycle operators need more than a basic skills course to properly and safely operate a motorcycle in a law enforcement role. The instructors at R.I.D.E. realize that many of the skills that were being taught could be transferred to the civilian population to help them survive dangerous encounters on the street and to become a more defensive operator.

Students Must Bring

  • D.O.T. approved helmet
  • Boots or shoes that cover the ankles (boots preferred)
  • Full-fingered gloves
  • Eye protection (sun glasses, prescription)
  • Long pants, preferably denim


R.I.D.E. staff instructors have over 100 years of combined Police Motorcyle riding and have trained over 1,000 police officers nationwide.
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